KESI - KESI Easy SQL Import

KESI is a tool to easily import CSV files into your SQL database tables. CSV files can be created using almost every spreadsheet and lot's of other applications (E.g. KSpread). KESI can be configured to understand allmost every possible CSV format. Additionally it is very easy to use, because of its KDE GUI. To access a SQL Database you have to install a Qt SQL Driver for your database. This drivers should already be part of your Qt Distribution.

KESI is a fork of KBarcode's CSV file import dialog. KBarcode an execellent barcoding and labelprinting application for KDE. KBarcode is distributed under the terms of the GPL.


Screenshot of KESI's mainwindow

KESI's mainwindow: You can select a CSV file and connect the fields of the CSV file to SQL database fields.

Database settings dialog

The database settings dialog.


KESI 0.9 Development (14.09.2003)
This release was only tested with MySQL!


If you need support for KESI, you can either drop me an email or join our IRC channel #kbarcode at "". I will also setup a mailing list for KESI, if there is enough demand for it.


KESI is written by Dominik Seichter. KESI is free software and provided under the terms of the GPL.

You may want to look on my other projects KRename, a very powerful batch renamer for KDE and KBarcode, a barcode and label printing application for KDE. Logo